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What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance, also known as homeowners insurance or property insurance, is a type of insurance policy that provides financial protection to homeowners in case of damage or loss to their property and belongings. It typically covers both the physical structure of the home and the personal belongings inside it against various risks such as fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and liability for accidents that occur on the property.

Home insurance is a type of insurance that protect your home along with its furnishing and other valuable items from any kind of man-made or natural calamities. Generally, it covers home exterior damage, interior damage, damage to furnishing or injuries to person that arises while on the insured home.

What is the need of Home Insurance in India?

Protection against Natural Disasters: India is prone to various natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, and landslides. Home insurance provides financial protection to homeowners against damages caused by these calamities, helping them recover and rebuild their homes without significant financial strain.

Security against Man-made Risks : Home insurance also covers risks such as theft, burglary, vandalism, and fire accidents. With rising instances of theft and property-related crimes in urban areas, having home insurance provides peace of mind to homeowners knowing that their property and belongings are financially protected.

Financial Protection for Home Structure: A home is one of the most significant investments for most individuals. Home insurance safeguards this investment by covering damages to the physical structure of the home, including walls, roof, foundation, and built-in fixtures, ensuring that homeowners can afford repairs or reconstruction in case of damage.

Coverage for Personal Belongings: Home insurance also extends coverage to personal belongings inside the home, including furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, and valuables. This ensures that homeowners can replace or repair damaged or stolen items without bearing the full financial burden.

Liability Coverage: Home insurance policies often include liability coverage, protecting homeowners from legal liabilities arising from injuries to visitors or third parties on their property. This coverage includes medical expenses and legal fees associated with lawsuits, offering financial protection in case of accidents or injuries on the insured property.

Mandatory Requirement for Home Loans: Many financial institutions require homeowners to have home insurance as a condition for approving home loans or mortgages. This ensures that the property serving as collateral is adequately protected, reducing the lender's risk and providing added security for both parties.

Affordable Premiums: Home insurance premiums are relatively affordable compared to the potential financial losses resulting from property damage, theft, or liability claims. Paying a small premium ensures substantial financial protection against unforeseen events that could otherwise lead to significant expenses.

What is covered in a Home Insurance Plan?

  • Affordable Premium
  • All-around Protection
  • PAN India network
  • Instant Policy Issuance
  • Best Claim Settlement Ratio
  • Online claim intimation

Protect and save Your money

As your circumstances change, its important


Easy process systems

Its important to carefully insurance policies


Digital insurance Policy

Liability protection if someone is injured

Insurance Benifits

  • Large number of insurance policies
  • Cover for Critical Situations
  • Experience & qualified Staff
  • Team of Experts Staff

Homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual's house and assets in the home. The policy usually covers interior damage, exterior damage, loss or damage of personal assets, and injury that arises while on the property.

It is critical to note that basic home insurance is very affordable, and the premium costs around Rs. 2 to 3 per day for an annual insurance value of ₹10 lakhs. While a package policy costs a bit more, it offers protection to a wide range of items and against several natural and man-made events.

Home Insurance protects a lot more than your home:A comprehensive Home Insurance policy also covers the loss due to theft and burglary. Given that each Indian household tends to keep a number of valuables on hand, it makes practical sense to invest in a policy that will cover these items.

We define home insurance as insurance that pays you when covered damages happen to your home and covered possessions. For example, if your home is partially destroyed by an accidental fire, then your home insurance policy will pay you up to a certain amount to repair the damages caused by this fire.